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Many souls have contributes to providing you with this manual, here we make an effort to thank them for their work. You too could contribute to the community by either: improving the software, improving this manual, or translating this manual in your language.

Locale translation Base manual
Same as base manual Maxime Lavigne (malavv) [email protected]
Mike Evans [email protected]
Philip G. Lee [email protected]


By Philip G. Lee

Dear Reader,

This manual is intended to quickly acquaint you with using Brewtarget. It is by no means comprehensive, but is instead focused on providing concrete examples. If something is unclear, please let us know at our source code repository.


As of the writing of this document, Brewtarget already had a long history of helping homebrewers achieve the brew they wished.

Chapter 1: A Walkthrough

This book makes the assumption that the best way of getting you started is with what we all love, making a beer. You will be guided here through making your first beer using Brewtarget with an easy to follow, step-by-step guide.

Chapter 2: General Concepts

General Concepts are functionalities that Brewtarget offers you. They range from recipe management, to cost reporting to exporting and importing recipes. This section will provide you with an overview on what is offered in the application and how to use it. It's a great way to gradually learn new features.

Chapter 3: Tools

The tools section is presents specific tools within Brewtarget meant to ease your life. They describe what tools are available, their purpose and how to use them.

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